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Our Mission

MAD Solutions wants to provide Executives and C-level Managers of large and mid-size organizations, simple and easy-to-use tools that allow them to quickly measure and understand the performances of their business so to enable right decision making.

Working Principle

Business Meeting

Depending on your needs we will request some basic data related to your company operations and based on them we will build and deliver an interactive report that can be used to evaluate different scenarios and guide you in making the right decisions.

Experience & Expertise


MAD is a network of Business Engineers. Their background is mainly Supply Chain and Operations management.
By simply defining which areas of your company you would want to better control, you can leverage their expertise to obtain a synthetic view of how your business is running and how can be improved.


Business Meeting

MAD Solutions tools have many areas of application, specifically tailored for your industry and your company:

  • Control & manage demand forecasts;

  • Production planning;

  • Inventory and warehouse control;

  • Merchandise planning;

  • Assortment planning.

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